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How Do You Keep Your Home Pest Free?

Sep 23

Keep Your Home Pest-Free
It can be quite frightening to find pests in your home, whether they are a swarm or rats. Infestations can make your home less valuable and cause you to be sick. To ensure your home is pest-free, it is important to be proactive and avoid potential problems. You can use these tips to prevent pest infestations in your home that could lead to pest damage.

Fill all Interior Cracks
Sealing all cracks in your house is the first step to stop pests entering your home. Pests can get into your home through even the smallest cracks. These cracks can be found in window screens or doorways that aren't properly sealed.

Sealing cracks around the baseboards of your home, as well as the corners and under all windows frames, is a good idea. Pests are often found hiding in small spaces until they find food.

Get Your Roof Inspected
Hidden spots in your roof or attic can allow pests to get into your home, just like in your basement. You can allow rodents such as squirrels and raccoons into your home by opening doors. Roof pests include hornets and wasps as well as bees and hornets. These insects are looking for warm places to hide in winter. A professional should inspect your roof at least once per year.

Do Not Keep Food Lying About
Your home should be kept clean. There may be other areas that you overlook. Make sure you seal all food containers after your pet has finished eating. After your pet finishes eating, clean up their bowls.

You can be creative in coming up with ideas for your garbage bin. When possible, place your garbage can behind a closet or cupboard door. Keep your wastebasket covered with a lid. To prevent pests from getting into your bag, throw away anything that smells stronger than usual.

Pests do not need to eat traditional food to survive. Some pests, for example, can eat through paper packaging. Drain flies and gnats can survive on organic material in plumbing or plants.

Beware of Standing Water
We all know that mosquitoes can't breed without water. There are many other pests that love standing water, including silverfish, earwigs and even roaches. Clean up standing water immediately by checking your basements and attics. Also, check your yard for any standing water. Poor drainage and foundation issues could mean that you will need to hire a professional to drain any water.

Get familiar with the signs
Preventing pests is the best method to control them. Knowing the signs can help you avoid a small problem from becoming a larger one. Identify the pests that may be infesting your yard. Even though they are numerous outside, many of them can make their way inside your home. This is particularly common as the temperature outside drops.

Schedule Treatments
The best ways to avoid seasonal pest problems can be explained by environmental pest control Bend Oregon services. In the winter months, rodents and insects may seek shelter in your home and breed when the weather warms up. You can avoid common pest behaviors by scheduling seasonal treatments. This will help you keep your pest control costs down in the future.

Assess Your Landscape
Is your lawn attractive to pests or does it look like it? You should check your yard for any wood or compost that may be piled up. These things could become breeding areas for pests, no matter what season it is. While you're clearing out your yard, consider adding plants that repel pests. These plants are made to repel certain insects.

Check Your BOXES
Although it is not common, roaches or bed bugs can get into your home via boxes and packages. Before you throw away a package, be sure to inspect the contents and bottom for any signs of pests.

As always, you can search for pest control companies in Bend if you have any questions or need additional assistance.


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